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Williams Cheese Gift Cards - Good for All Occasions!
About Us
Michael H. Williams
President, CEO, CFO
Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Development.
Contact for Advertising
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.13)
Ladd Williams
Network Administrator, Webmaster, Purchasing and Logistics.
Responsible for purchasing cheese, ingredients, labels and packaging supplies.
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.11)
Michael B. Williams
Plant Manager and Human Resources Director.
Oversees and schedules manufacturing and packaging.
Also responsible for quality control, inter-warehouse transportation, equipment purchasing and personnel.
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.14)
Dave Williams
Regional Head of Sales. Based in Cincinnati
Responsible for out of state sales activity with retailers, brokers and distributors.
Phone: (513) 755-6490
Pat Meehleder
Regional Head of Sales (in Michigan)
Responsible for direct contact and assistance with distributors and their customers.
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.15)
Steve Meehleder
Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Control
Also Equipment Maintenance and Quality Control since 1996.
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.22)
Sheri Budnik
Quality Control Technician, Mail Order / UPS Coordinator
Supervises manufacturing of Pasteurized cheeses and cheese spreads, and is the main contact for our Holiday Gift Box Program.
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.19)
Shirley Mikula
Office Manager
Responsible for all clerical activity including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and general accounting
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.20)
Crystal Meyers / Crystal Copley
Food Safety Coordinator / HACCP Coordinator                                                        
Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.33)
E-mail: or

Retail Store Information
We are located 2 miles north of the Linwood Rd. light on M-13, Just off of I-75. 998 N. M-13, Linwood, MI 48634.

We are open 7 days a week, year round. Closed on major holidays.          

Spring hours: 

Monday - Thursday:  8 am to 6 pm

Friday & Saturday:  8 am to 7 pm

Sunday:  9 am to  6 pm

Phone: (800) 968-4492 (ext.12)

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